We help you export bonsai and garden plant from Taiwan or Japan. With our experience and vanning technique, the tree can tolerant long distance transportation, such as to Europe. To find tree/ bonsai, please don't hesitate to contact us. 

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We provide various hand tools to deal with any difficulty when caring a tree. Such as pruning scissor, saw, bonsai shears, trimming shears, knob cutter, wire cutter, branch bender, bonsai pliers....professional bonsai tools. 

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We also export Japan Akadama soil, Kanuma soil and prumice. Either you are interested in regular size volume or bulk bag big size, we can provide. Other soil may also be available upon request.    

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Living Plant Exportation

We export living plant, including bonsai and garden plant. Our business covering Taiwan and Japan; we have reliable vanning team in both Taiwan and Japan, and your tree will surely be shipped safely. 

Garden Tools

We provide various tools to handle any difficulty when caring a tree. Such as general pruning scissor, saw, bonsai scissor, knob cutter, wire cutter, branch bender....professional bonsai tools. 

Soil, Pot, Accessory

Soil like Akadama soil, Kanuma soil and prumice are availible here. Also, we are able to provide bonsai pot of glazed/ unglazed, plastic pot, and non woven grow bag.   

Bonsai Nursery Sitseeing

We offer bonsai tour package to visit bonsai exhibition and nursery. Each itinerary will be customized upon request. English-Japanese (Japan) or English-Chinese (Taiwan) interpretation will be provided.

Bonsai Demonstrator Arrangement

We support you to arrange schedule of bonsai artist to attend demonstration in exhibition event.  

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